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As customer expectations evolve, we must become bionic organizations that serve customers in ways that the industry has begun to envision. Our solutions are tailor-made for our clients enabling them build from scratch and illuminate the path head for emerging strategies. Finlife provides the solution they need to deliver unparalleled value.

We look into businesses with potential for great growth levels, riding on the enormous benefits of digitalization with exceptional zeal. We place a premium on innovation particularly smart solutions.

With humble beginnings in the year 2021, we benchmarked our name by way of providing the best service to our customers. We are dedicated to professionally supporting, educating, and providing informed direction to each and every customer. Connect Fin Life Financial Services Pvt Ltd does this with the highest levels of trust, integrity and respect while always collaborating using at approach. A startup company with a goal of expanding its network at a PAN India level.

Our Management

Team Members

Managing Director Mr. R. Dalapathy Jeyarayan, Director Mr. Henry Williams Rajkumar and Profit Business Head Mr. P. Ponparivallal are the passionate team behind the growing success of Finlife and the people we serve. Through strong vision and vigilance, we work towards delivering experiences that build loyalty and drive growth.

Our Special


We offer Financial Services towards availing of Unsecured Business loans, Doctors’ loan, SME loans, Home Loans, loans against property, Salaried Loans, Used Car Loans, Cash credit, and overdrafts. We into acquiring a significant market share in financial services distribution with assessments performed from various perspectives of creditability with proper and systematic credit documents, including credit worthiness through other channels. As financial solution specialists, we are always at your beck and call. We are happy to associate with you with the right solution for your financial needs.

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